No Labels - Citizen Advocacy
Feb 14, 2017
Bob O'Hara
No Labels - Citizen Advocacy

Our speaker on Tuesday will share with us his experiences in citizen advocacy. The meeting begins at 12:15 with lunch at Montvale Plaza.

Bob O'Hara felt like most Americans watching the political system in Washington. With no political experience, he was frustrated at the level of discord, but also wondering what he could do about it. When the bipartisan group No Labels was founded to address the problems of gridlock in the Federal government, he wanted to get involved. But again, like many Americans, he didn't know anything about grassroots advocacy. He attended the first meeting of No Labels in Washington, D.C. and heard about ways citizens can enhance their voices through effective advocacy.

Bob was skeptical, but with a new-found purpose he set out to enhance his skills as a citizen-advocate and see if what he heard would really work in the real world. His experience has proven that what he heard does work and now he wants to share his journey with fellow citizens so that they can become more effective participants in the governing process.

Bob’s talk to the Stoneham Rotary will be about how we can be more effective as Citizen Advocates and the work of No Labels.

After lunch and Bob's talk, we will have happy dollars, project updates, and 50/50 raffle.