Golf Ball Drop Fundraiser

How would you like to have a chance to win up to $2,500 while also supporting our scholarship program for a Stoneham High School student?

Then consider buying a ticket or a series of tickets to our first-ever golf ball drop. The club is hoping to sell at least 500 chances to this fundraiser which will be a 50/50 distribution of the total dollars raised. The more we sell, the more you win. The tickets are only $10 per chance, and you can get them from a club member or visit Rotary's Ice Cream Sundae Booth during Town Day. You can also buy them online here:
We will number balls from 1-500 (or higher), and a number will be assigned to every ticket. On October 24th at 1:00 pm, fire professionals from Stoneham will lift the bucket of balls and drop all the golf balls from their ladder truck onto the practice green at Unicorn Golf Course. The first ball that drops into the hole will be the winner. If no ball ends up in the cup, the one closest to the pin will be declared the winner.
Thank you, and good luck!