Help to Build a Playground at the Zoo

We have an exciting opportunity to participate in a large scale community service project with Stone Zoo.

Stone Zoo has been given most of the funding and management expertise to build at large "activity type" playground.  They are in need of volunteers to help build the playground.  We are putting together a Rotary Team to help in this tremendous community service project.

The project is being led and coordinated by KabooM!, an organization that helps communities with the design and build of playgrounds.

On Friday October 31st from 8:00AM until 2:00PM, the volunteers will build the playground at Stone Zoo, under the direction of the KabooM! project leader.

This is a unique community service opportunity to get Rotarians involved in a multi organizational effort, one that will certainly receive a lot of promotion and visibility.

Please join me in this effort to have a Rotary Team to help build the playground in October. You can sign up by clicking here, or sign up at our next meeting. If you have any questions, you may contact my son, Joe Gresci, Director of Guest Services at Stone Zoo.  He can be reached at or 617-828-0754.